Now before you corporate types jump up trying to sue my pants off me, let me clarify something: 1.) I am not wearing pants, so good luck with that. 2.) These companies are all fictional constructs of the Ninja and Pirate universe. Any similarities between Grapple Computers, Rollex Watches, Pizza Butt, McRonald’s, Eleven Seven, Crimson Bull, Biitterfingers, Blart Simpsun, Ray-Bend Sunglasses, Tid Detergent, Coca-Gola, or Diet Goke and any real companies, corporations, or products is purely coincidental. That being said, I’m totally willing to put your stuff in here for cash moneys, so hit me up. My artistic integrity means nothing next to legal tender, you faceless monoliths of corporate America. You know who you are. Not that I mentioned you in this comic or anything because you totally aren’t in it. Coincidental similarities.

Uh…any hipster members of my audience can ignore that paragraph above. It was, um, a joke. Yeah. This is still a totally indie comic. Down with the fascists and what not! The man is bad and evil something something!




…I’m waiting for your call Procter & Gamble. You know where to find me.


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