Hey everybody! You might notice something a little different about Ninja and Pirate today. What is it? You want a hint? That’s right! Time travel is referenced WITHOUT a DeLorean!! Good job! Also, Waldo is in the last panel there. Just look closely. (That’s Wally for you international viewers)

A more subtle difference is the fact that one of my best webcomic buds, Stephen McGee of the incredible Raindogs, drew, wrote, and colored this magnificent strip! Stephen is a funny funny guy with a crazy art style that, I’ll be honest, is tough as nails to try to replicate. The dude is a beast with talent and skillz (he’s so skillful it requires, nay DEMANDS, the usage of a ‘Z’) coming out the wazoo. That’s good though, because that IS scientifically where talent comes out of. Full time job, full time dad,  AND he puts up THREE COLORED STRIPS A WEEK!! I know! I look like some sort of lazy ethnic stereotype next to this guy. I can’t think of which one so I’m just gonna say all of them. He also has a phenomenal taste in music. The most unique, and unbelievable, fact about this webcomic god is that he prefers vinyl records for his music and…wait for it…HE’S NOT A HIPSTER!!! I KNOW! CRAZY RIGHT?! Seriously though, you really do need to check out his stuff because it is phenomenal and hilarious. It’s totally safe for work although it’s not safe for the littl’uns just because of some occasional language. It’s totally worth your click and the dude is worth your views. His newly minted STORE has some seriously killer stuff in it too. I know, I got one of the books. And it is SO worth it.

I am in the process of moving houses right now so things will be a little bit crazy. I have some other super talented folks lined up to churn out their own take on Ninja and Pirate should the need arise. I dunno how long it’ll be but I can guarantee it won’t be longer than a week. Anyway, a super awesome thank you goes out to Stephen who saved my butt this week (metaphorically AND literally. Seriously, that was the second most bloodthirsty artichoke I have EVER encountered.) and who really deserves a good viewing of his work. And also while he showers. I can confirm that.

Thanks for sticking with me you guys! You are the best fans a dude could ask for!