My god, what year is it?! 2012 you say! Egad, I’m just in time! Listen- on September 19th there will be a Ninja and Pirate webcomic published that may change the fate of all life as we know it! I have come from the distant future to warn you not to look at it! You must…oh. Uh…whoops.

Well, good luck with that. Regardless, here’s some things you might or might not want to know, you know, considering what’s about to happen.

Today’s comic finally has a little bit of funny back in it! Yay funny! It also features two of the coolest, funniest, and most talented people I know: Paul ‘Lumberjack Man’ Jones and Sheila ‘Not a Tunnel Bunny but Close’ Corrosive! Paul’s great comic Gallant Adventures is a fantastic work of brush, color, character, and humor. But not quite as good as mine. (Come on I’m trying to start a franchise here, jeez. I can’t be too generous.) Sheila is also immensely talented and can tell some great stories, often with a totally straight face which makes it even funnier. Her tumblr can be found here and it’s so worth it. She also can draw a sexy-butt granpa. Take my word for it.

In today’s comic Ninja and Dr. Whoo ruin a couple’s chance at a new home. And that realtor needed to sell that home in order to feed her seven adopted children. Looks like they won’t be eating this week. Way to go you jerks. Are you proud of yourself now? For shame, Ninja and Doctor. For shame.

 In case you missed it (and you didn’t because you’re a good person who likes good things right?) I had a guest spot on the mar­velous web­comic Gal­lant Adven­tures a few weeks ago! My good friend Paul has a comic at and I was able to go Kathy Bates from Misery on his drawing hands until he couldn’t draw a comic and I filled in. That is to say, it was completely friendly and he asked for my help and there was no dirty birdy business, Mister Man! Gal­lant Adven­tures is a fan­tas­tic all-ages comic drawn by one of the most tal­ented peo­ple I have ever met: Talent McSuperguy. Also, Paul. Paul has a rockin’ beard and can ink like nobody’s business. He also likes muppets so he can’t be all bad. He takes com­mis­sionstoo and is well worth your hard-earned dime!

In other news, I am going to the Fan Days Con in Dal­las in Octo­ber! You should all come out to see me and get cool stuff like key­chains, mag­nets, busi­ness cards, cool prints and draw­ings, and maybe even a Dr. Whoo plushie! It’s gonna be fun! And you can meet me and tell me what you think of the comic before I disregard it because I’m above all you little people because I have a webcomic and herpy derp hoity toity. Also make sure to tell your friends about Ninja and Pirate’s weekly adven­tures. Get them to read it and tell their friends. The more read­ers I have means the more often I can post comics. If I get enough inter­est gen­er­ated in this comic I can start pro­duc­ing mer­chan­dise for you all, and if start mak­ing enough income from this comic I can increase the num­ber of comics to maybe, in time, five per week! I would love to just do comics for you lovely peo­ple, plus it would make the story lines go a lot faster! So tell your friends and loved-ones about Ninja and Pirate and have them do the same!

Enjoy the new links page! In it is a bunch of links that lead to some fan­tas­tic web­comics and blogs that I fre­quent and are well worth your time! The blogs are both educational and amusing and the comics are some of the best professional and indie stuff out there. Care­ful though! The links are quite hot! …get it? Guys?

I have a deviantart account under the name JMFlan­ders and it has a bunch of my other work on it. Work that’s dras­ti­cally dif­fer­ent from Ninja and Pirate, so be warned. Give it a glance if you want. You’ll find Fan Art, Conceptual Work, and some pretty twisted monster designs! I’m open for com­mis­sions too! You can also fol­low me under the name @ninjaandpirate on Twitter!

Welp, that’s it for now! I’ll see you all next week! Don’t forget to pass the word on about Ninja and Pirate! For each person you get to read my comic I’ll give you five Joe Flanders’ Funbucks (TM)! These can be used to redeem stuff at a place near you maybe!

LEGAL NOTICE: Joe Flanders’ Funbucks (TM) are not a viable form of currency in any place and are furthermore not even a thing.