It’s like…I pick up a bus and then I put it back down. I think, “What am I doing with my life?” Then I just wade through the buildings towards the center of town and go on…sigh…

I love Godzilla. A lot. My favorite design of Big G is the one from the Heisei era because the Showa era was just too goofy looking, which is saying something for what amounts to a guy wearing an extra 150 pounds of foam rubber menacing a tiny plywood town. The Millennium look just seems a bit too alien for me to be honest. I don’t know if it’s the sleek look he has, but the face just weirds me out. That being said, the best Godzilla movies (other than the classic) come from the Millennium era if you ask me. The creature designs are top notch. Biollante gets an honorable mention too because it’s gorgeous but was technically Heisei era. Anyway, Desotroyah, Megaguirus, the redesigns of Gigan, Ghidorah, Mecha-G are all just beautifully done. Since I love the monsters so much it stands to reason that “Godzilla: Final Wars” is probably my favorite of Big-G’s movies (again, save the first one).

And to balance out all of the seriousness of that last paragraph, allow me to say “FART FART BUTTS BANANA PEEL RUBBER CHICKEN”.

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