Hey everybody! I really don’t have a lot to say. Wow, ever since going to two a week my blog posts have been slipping. Anyway, things are going well. The wife and I are settling in. I’m about to go mow the lawn. That’s a lie. It’s 11:26 pm as I write this. I just said that to make it seem more personable like I’m talking to you right now when in reality I’m talking to you FROM THE PAST!! Anything you’d like to inform me of Future Folk? Any disasters I should avoid? Lotto numbers? Anything? Hello? Well okay…Rude. Geez. Well the best you can do to make up for it is to like our Facebook page here: FACEBOOK PAGE CLICK HERE CLICKITYCLICKCLICK! Or you can upvote this comic and others on the Reddit machine here: UPVOTES HELP SPREAD AWARENESS OF NINJA AND PIRATE SO YOU’RE SORT OF LIKE THE INTERNET PONY EXPRESS! GO DIGI-HORSE, GO!

Anyway, I’m gonna head out. Thanks for reading and I hope it made you laugh. We’re closing up chapter two of Ninja and Pirate in the next two weeks so get ready for that. Chapter 3 will be the perfect jumping on point for anyone worried about “Oh I can’t take twenty minutes to read a back log of comics because of reasons and complain blah blah” so you can just jump right in to the story and not feel like you missed a lot even though you totally did! Hurray for deception!

See you later errybody!