Happy Birthday to my Old Man, and also my dad! When I was younger my dad and I never got on. He was a military man, stern and rather callous, I was a teenage dirtbag, baby, with authority issues and an axe to grind on whatever I could. As I got older, my head started to recede from my rectum, as did my father’s, and he is now an actual buddy of mine. Like, I get excited when I see the guy. I look forward to hanging out with him. How weird is that? If you told my 14-year-old, baggy jeans, sharpied nails, blue spiky haired self that I would enjoy hanging with my dad I would have…well actually I probably would have grunted and mumbled something about a grand conspiracy and how no one understands me, but the point is I wouldn’t have believed you. All I can hope is that my old man sticks around long enough that my kids get to know him as I do. I love ya, pops. Happy Birthday.